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How Going Past My Due Date Turned Out to Be a Good Thing

Had my due date been exact, my son’s birthday would be tomorrow. Instead, I went two days past and let me tell you, it seemed like the longest two days of my life! One of the things they don’t tell you (or emphasize enough) during pregnancy is that your prescribed due date is an estimate and going past your due date is perfectly normal.

I can remember feeling silly after doing the math and realizing that pregnancy is actually 10 months long! Don’t worry, though. I’ll be sure to let my son know that I carried him for OVER 10 months when the perfect opportunity presents itself!

Going Past My Due Date: A Blessing in Disguise

going past my due date

In my mind, I knew that the due date wasn’t going to necessarily be the exact day that he was born and that he would come when he was ready, but there was something about going past my due date that seemed so unsettling! I entertained the idea of him coming a few days early but never planned for how I would feel if he was “late.”

It was unnerving going to those weekly appointments in the end only to find out that I hadn’t dilated at all. Heck, one nurse flat-out told me she couldn’t even reach my cervix! “Ummm, well maybe you just have small hands. Can we get someone else in here?”

My boyfriend and I tried all the “natural” ways to induce labor to no avail. Our son was going to come on his own time!

Calls and texts from family and friends only made things worse!

“Girl, you haven’t had that baby yet? Seems like you’ve been pregnant forever!”

Well, if you’re feeling that way, then imagine how I feel!

I understood their excitement. I was excited too!

I literally had been pregnant all year!

But I think it was God’s way of making sure I was prepared. He let me get to the point where my exhaustion from being pregnant overcame my anxiety about giving birth. When the time came, I was so ready to give birth that I didn’t even have time to worry.

If you’re nearing your due date, don’t feel disappointed when the day comes and goes and your bundle of joy still hasn’t arrived. Your baby will come once they’re ready. Consider this time an extension on getting as prepared as possible.

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