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6 Bathroom Safety Tips for Small Children

In about nine months my son will be two years old and while it would be great if he were potty trained by then, I’m not going to stress about it if he’s not. We’re not quite done weaning and I’d rather take things one milestone at a time.  

We’ve only scratched the surface of potty training; introducing him to the potty and showing him how to flush and wash his hands. Of course, all of this is exciting. Especially since the potty sings and talks. Before, the bathroom was off limits after our morning routine until bath time. But since we’ll be spending more time here throughout the day, it’s time to talk bathroom safety tips.

6 Bathroom Safety Tips for Small Children  

6 bathroom safety tips for small children
  1. Never leave a small child in the bathroom alone—not even for a quick minute. Anything could happen and it only takes a split second. 
  2. Keep the big potty off limits if you can. Consider investing in a toilet lid lock. Make sure your child knows it’s not a toy. Since being introduced to his little potty, my son is obsessed with trying to flush and how the toilet make things “disappear.” 
  3. Keep cleaning supplies, chemicals, and medicines locked away and out of reach. The bathroom cabinets were on the list of things to baby proof as soon as my son became mobile. 
  4. Be mindful of plastic shower curtains. Keep shower curtains pushed back and out of the way while your child is in the bathroom. The fun colors might entice them to want to play and could lead to suffocation.
  5. Always test the water temperature before your child makes contact. 
  6. Keep the floors dry. With all the splashing from hand washing and bath time, of course water is going to end up on the floor. Bathroom rugs help prevent a slippery hazard from forming.

Hopefully you find these tips as useful as I have. It so easy to become distracted while trying to clean up behind your little one. Following these bathroom safety tips helps when so much is happening at once.