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That’s a No-No: 5 Tips for Conducting Yourself Around a Baby

Disclaimer: I hope we can have a little fun while also conveying a serious message.

Since becoming a mom, my patience has grown when it comes to dealing with children but—if I’m being completely honest—it’s been shortened for adults. It seems like every time I’m out in public with my baby, I have an unpleasant encounter with another adult, an adult who I’m sure has seen a baby before and knows what, in fact, a baby is, but yet, decides to conduct themselves as if they’ve never seen one before. 

So, in an effort to turn a rant into something more positive, I’ve decided to offer five tips for conducting yourself around a baby, even if they’re still in the womb.

Tips for Conducting Yourself Around a Baby

1) If you see a pregnant woman—and she’s obviously pregnant—you don’t have to comment on her size or appearance. Far too often did I have to politely correct gentlemen in the grocery store for commenting on my belly. “No, I am not having twins.” “No, I am not ready to pop.” “Would you be commenting on my size if I weren’t pregnant? Exactly. I didn’t think so! Have a nice day!”

2) Don’t touch a woman’s belly unless she gives you permission. This one I thought would be a no-brainer but I guess when you’re pregnant, people seem to think that means all hands on deck. No, ma’am!

3) If you don’t know the baby’s gender, politely ask before you assume. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had this encounter:

Random Person: She’s so cute!

Me: Thanks, but it’s a boy.

Random Person: Well, he was just so beautiful so I assumed he was a girl.

As if boys can’t be cute? If he were ugly, would you have automatically assumed he was a boy, then?     

4) Don’t touch a baby’s face. My son has mild eczema so I’m naturally cautious about what touches his skin. I was in the line at the post office and I physically had to spank a grown woman’s hand down because she was about to pinch my son’s cheeks. I did not know this woman, yet she had the audacity to tell me that she was a pediatrician and she wouldn’t harm him. Ma’am, if you’re a pediatrician then you, of all people, should know not to touch a baby, especially in the face.

5) Don’t touch a baby’s hands. I don’t know why but people in the airport—of all places—love to grab my son’s hands. First of all, you’re way too close. Secondly, at this age, babies constantly have their hands in their mouths. This is never ok! 

The list could go on but I hope these five tips set the tone for any adult wondering how they should conduct themselves around a baby. I know babies are irresistibly adorable, but please respect their personal space as well as their parent’s.

Have a good day, luvs. Enjoy!


Lead image source: Pixabay on Pexels