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4 Bath Essentials for Babies With Sensitive Skin

It’s crazy to think that my son’s first bath was almost a year ago. I can remember watching the nurse handle him so delicately and thinking to myself “how in the world am I going to do this?” Now, after what seems like a million baths later, we have a pretty good routine and thankfully he loves bath time. No matter where bath time is taking place, we make sure that we have these four bath essentials, especially since our son has sensitive skin.

There are certain soaps and fragrances that irritate my skin so I’m definitely mindful of the soaps that I use during bath time for my son. If your child has sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend these four bath essentials. 

Bath Essentials for Babies With Sensitive Skin

  1. baby bath essentialsBaby Bathtub – We removed the infant insert but we’re still using a baby bathtub because it saves on water and shields our son from the regular bathtub. When cleaning the regular bathtub I use bleach but when cleaning his bathtub I use milder products. This helps eliminate any potential irritation that bathing in the larger bathtub may cause.
  2. Bubble Bath for Sensitive Skin – What’s a bath without bubbles? My son loves splashing in a tub filled with bubbles; that’s why I had to make sure that bubble bath was also free of soaps, dyes, and fragrances that might irritate his skin. Sesame Street’s Nourishing Naturals brand of bubble bath is perfect. It’s unscented and provides lots of bubbles that make bath time fun and free of irritation.    
  3. Soap for Sensitive Skin – There are tons of soaps out there, some even claiming to be specifically designed for baby’s, so it may be hard to choose. After a few test runs with other brands, I found Dove’s Sensitive Skin Body Wash to work best. Dove does have a line of baby products but I compared the ingredients they’re just about the same and I get more product for the price with the regular wash. Our entire family has switched over to this wash so it’s easy to grab a few bottles for all of us. I also love that it comes in a pump bottle—allowing me to keep a free hand to handle a super active baby. 
  4. Shampoo for Sensitive Skin – Having a tear-free and delicate, yet cleansing shampoo is important. I’ve been using Mustela Shampoo since he was a newborn. It really helped eliminate the flakes from cradle cap and helps keep his curls moisturized and bouncy. It, too, comes in a pump bottle for easy dispensing. I even use the cap to rinse out the shampoo. And, when it gets into his eyes, it doesn’t burn. I tested it out in my own eyes just to be sure. (You can’t just believe what they tell you on the package.)

Combine a few rubber duckies and water toys with these bath essentials and you’ve got the perfect routine. It helps, especially since we’ve reached the point of bathing every day and sometimes twice in a day when things get really messy.