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Moms, It’s Time You Took That Much-Needed Break

There used to be a version of me who thought getting my child to nap during the day and sleep through the night would provide me with the break I needed—silly me. Sure, having a set sleep schedule at night helped me plan a date night or girls’ night out here and there, but having to choose between fun or resting up for the day ahead wasn’t ideal. It took me 18 months to realize that this mom needed a break.

Sometimes us moms talk about how much of a break we need but we don’t actually take it because of reasons such as not wanting to be away from your child; not having a trustworthy/responsible person to leave them with; or even mom-guilt.   

Well, last week I decided to follow through and take a much-needed mommy break! That’s right, I packed my bag and booked a one-week trip to Philly to see my best friend—without my son. I’d like to think of this trip as an extension to my Mother’s Day gifts because dad definitely made sure I couldn’t change my mind. He, too, packed up and took our sonand dog—on a road trip and left before my flight. It was peaceful being able to leave the house without having to pry a screaming toddler from my ankles.

Why Moms Need a Break

moms need a break

I’ll say, I forgot how simple it was to travel without a baby. No stroller, diaper bag, snacks (I did miss those!), car seat, you get the point. I was even able to take a nap on the plane—something I hadn’t done in a long time! I’d also forgot what it was like to enjoy a meal alone or use the bathroom without a little hand wiggling from under the door.

I had so much fun hanging with my best friend! I don’t think we’d spent this much time together since our days as college roommates! I toured the city, partook in daily happy hours, and was able to sleep my hangovers off instead of having to set them aside to wake up in mommy mode.

Sure I had my moments where I just wanted to sit and watch him play on FaceTime but to see him having the time of his little life, not worried about me, motivated me to do the same—it’s been long overdue.

Sometimes we get caught up in the everyday commotion that comes with caring for a toddler that we forget to make time for ourselves. I noticed that I was always on edge and snappy at the tiniest things; my son didn’t deserve that! I’d become so consumed with being a mom that I didn’t know what to do with myself when I was away from my son for even a short time. 

And while I couldn’t wait to get back to my son, I’m so excited that I took this time for myself so that I can be refreshed. One of my goals this year is to get back to me. Becoming a mom definitely changed my life for the better but I also have to remember to take care of me. A stronger me means a stronger mother for my son.

Bring it on, terrible twos!

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