how to soothe a teething baby
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Learn How to Soothe a Teething Baby With These 5 Tips

There’s nothing worse than watching your baby suffer in pain. Although teething is something we’ve all had to endure, we’re able to forget how painful it is until we’re watching our little ones screaming in pain because their gums are on fire. I can barely stand having a toothache at my age, so I can only imagine what it must feel like to have a tooth (or more) cutting through your gums. That’s why I’ve done my best to find out how to soothe a teething baby.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about a teething baby it’s that they need your full attention. They’re irritable, fussy, in pain, and more than likely, they’re not able to tell you what’s bothering them. When my son’s bottom teeth came in, he didn’t seem to be nearly as bothered as he is now with the top two coming in at the same time. He’s feverish and wants extra cuddles and comfort; there goes any attempt to wean this week. While there’s no miracle teething remedy that can soothe every child, I’ve found that these five remedies work for my son. And, yes you can bet that I’ve used all five by the end of the day!   

How to Soothe a Teething Baby

  1. how to soothe a teething baby at homeFrozen Apple Slices: Since my son has been eating solids for a few months, I’ve found that freezing fruit is a great way to give his gums comfort while also sneaking in a healthy snack. I first peel the apple so that the peel doesn’t get in the way. Then, I slice the apple thin enough to be a relief but also so that when he does break a piece off, it’s less likely to be a choking hazard.
  2. Frozen Washcloth: I’ve also found that wetting a clean washcloth and placing it in the freezer (inside a freezer bag) for about 15 minutes helps cools my son’s flaming gums.    
  3. Teething Rings: Word of advice here: keep a backup. My son prefers the teething rings that can be frozen but they definitely melt quickly! I had to learn the hard way that I should always keep a spare teething ring in the freezer for when the first one is no longer cold. Thank me later.
  4. Teething Gel: Here’s one I try not to rely on too heavily. Teething gels like Baby Orajel temporarily numb the gums, which helps when the pain is unbearable and your baby is extra fussy. But if you’re like me and you’re still nursing, things can get a little weird when you’ve numbed your babies gums right before a feeding; numb nips are weird
  5. Pain Medication: I let medication be the last resort. I only use a small dosage of Infants’ Tylenol that relieves pain and reduces fever. It seems to work within 30 minutes for my son. I would strongly advise contacting your child’s pediatrician for the proper dosage amount before administering to your child.   

I know that these remedies only provide temporary relief, and the pain won’t completely stop until the tooth has come in, but I’m doing my best to make this teething thing as pain-free as possible—for all of us. Hopefully, these remedies can help your little one get through also.

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